Images of Paphos

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Floor mosaics from the late 2nd century House of Dionysos
-Depiction of Scylla
Unknown figure in Four Seasons mosaic-
Bust of Spring
Bust of Autumn
Bust of Winter
Dionysos and Akme
The first wine drinkers
Floor mosaics from the late 4th century House of Aion
Baby Dionysos in Hermes lap given to his tutor Tropheus (right panel) and the nymphs of Mt. Nysa (left panel)
Three most lovely daughters of Nereus riding away with Bythos, a sea centaur
Leda, Queen of Sparta approached by Zeus in the guise of a Swan
Marsyas (left) condemned by Apollo (right) to being flayed alive after loosing music contest. Olympus (center), Marsyas' pupil, pleads for mercy.
A procesion of Dionysos on a cart (obscured) with his tutor Tropheus on a mule (left), a small sytar offering him grapes, pomegranates and apples (center) and a maenad leading Dionysos' cart pulled by two centaurs (right).