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Navigating the site
Remember the Back button. Images do not open new windows on this site, so after viewing an image, return to the page of thumbnails by clicking the back button on your browser. Back up enough and you will return to the site's first page. The Topical Index is in an early stage of development, but will eventually allow visitors with a slow connection to move through the site quickly.

Images vs. Text
This site contains images and maps used by Dr. Michael Martin in his classes at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Since the material was compiled to illustrate New Testament lectures most images are labeled but explanatory text is not provided.

A Work in Process
Adding materials to the site (as they are acquired and as time permits) is a continual project, but not a constant one. I will note major additions when they occur, but minor revisions are not noted so check the site periodically for updates. Since I travel and can acquire new images in the summers, most major revisions take place in the fall/winter.

Three Versions of the Project
The online version of New Testament Maps and Artifacts is optimized for web delivery with most images saved at 600x400 pixels or smaller and in low quality jpeg or gif formats. It is intended for unrestricted use by visitors to the web site.

A second, CD version, too large for web delivery mirrors the online version with the same size images but uses high-quality jpegs and gifs. A third version uses larger images (most at about 1000x700 pixels) and high-quality jpegs and gifs. This larger version is the one I use in class and is designed to run from a CD or be transferred to a hard drive for display using a digital projector.

Eventually I will post some examples of the large format images for those who have cable, DSL or other high-speed connections. If enough interest develops I may make both CD versions available at a nominal fee. If you would be interested in either CD send an e-mail at MMartin@NTImages.com and I will notify you with the details if there is sufficient interest.

A Personal Project
New Testament Maps and Artifacts is a personal project. While creating the site has been a one-person effort, much encouragement and some financial support have been contributed and such contributions are greatly appreciated. In particular, a Teaching and Learning in Theological Education grant from the Association of Theological Schools and support from the David and Faith Kim Endowment along with release time provided by Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary have been instrumental in bring the site to its present state.

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