Fair Use Policy

This site is designed to be a shared resource. Noncommercial use of the materials in it (unless otherwise labeled) is allowed for any personal or educational purpose. The right to link to the site for the same reasons is also allowed.

The photos displayed in the site are copyrighted by their owner, but may be used for noncommercial purposes if the copyright, © Michael Martin, and the web address www.NTImages.com is included with the image. In an effort to speed web display the images are reduced in size and quality. Most images no larger than 600x400 and were saved as a low-quality jpeg.

NASA Images
Satellite and shuttle images contained in this site are the property of NASA and used in accord with the fair use policy detailed on the NASA web sites. Any reuse of such images should also comply with NASA policy.

VectorGlobe Maps
The topographical maps used to navigate the site were created using VectorGlobe by Cartografx (www.cartografx.com) and then modified to add biblical sites and other features and should also be considered copyrighted material.

Site Plans
Site plans used to navigate the web site are compilations of numerous published studies and the result of personal surveys of the archaeological sites. While showing the general layout of a city/region or the general shape of a building they are not topographically detailed nor keyed to a narrow time frame, but were produced to provide some context for the images displayed. Detailed study of a site should refer to the more accurate maps produced by the group excavating each site.

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