Participating in the Project

Any who wish may contribute their participation in the project in several ways.

Contribute Images
If you have images of archaeological sites, museum holdings or other materials that are your personal property, you may donate them to be considered for inclusion. Send an e-mail 1) detailing the content of the image file, 2) indicating where and when you took the photo, 3) granting permission to use it without restriction and 4) attach the image to the e-mail. Image size should be approximately 1000x700 pixels and in a non-lossy format (png or tiff rather than jpg). I will convert the image and resize it to include in both the small and large format versions of the project (see "
Three Versions" explanation). If you have a large number of images to contribute contact me via e-mail and I will give you details for an ftp transfer of files.

Contribute Suggestions
As you view the site you may encounter broken links, or think of suggestions for improvements, or have suggestions regarding other web sites to recommend to visitors. I will gladly receive all such helpful suggestions via e-mail.

Contribute Expertise
If you have materials of your own creation (e.g., an artistic rendering of a particular ancient building) or expertise that can enhance the site please e-mail a brief, informal proposal to me.

Contribute Financially
Travel, equipment, software, web space all come at a price. If you find the site helpful and would like to support its growth and the development of sites like it you can do so in a couple of ways.

First, as Director of Online Instruction at GGBTS I administer a fund which supports faculty projects related to the development of materials for use in online courses. Contributions to this fund help provide equipment, software and assistance to faculty working on projects like New Testament Maps and Artifacts. (For example, a similar site devoted to materials related to Old Testament Studies is already in development.) Financial contributions to this fund, like most to GGBTS, are tax deductible. If you would like to support the creation of such resources e-mail me and I will respond with the details.

Second, if enough interest is expressed, I will to make copies of the entire New Testament Maps and Artifacts site available on CD in either the 600x400 pixel or the 1000x700 pixel high-quality jpeg format. The cost is not set yet and will depend partly on the volume of interest, but I expect it would be something in the $25 range. The proceeds from CD distribution of the site will be reinvested in the ongoing development of the site. If you would be interested in contributing in this manner and having a CD version of the site you can express your interest in this option via e-mail and I will respond with the details as soon as they are available.

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